1. Day St. Jean Pied de Port – Roncesvalles 25,3 km

Before 8 a.m. I started at the Camino office to get my Camino passport. I also got hold of a clam, because what you can see in the heading and which I got from Gábor, I left at home. Gábor is walking somewhere in Austria with his spouse, because they have set themselves not a smaller aim than to come to Camino from Budapest on foot. Here is their blog: www.gyaloglunk.hu So I started! I met the donkey, which you can see on the above picture, on the second slope which turned out later to be a real discreet one. The recognition came instantly, is donkey the jackass or me to overtake a trip like this? But the comparism between business building and the donkey came immediately. People often think in our environment, that we are jackasses, when we are heading to the top on the slopes of business building. Conclusion: Don’t be suprised on this, go ahead if your goal and why is obvious to you. The approximately 1300 meter difference in level brought out the maximum from me, or a little more. While I was crawling I was thinking about what is the tiredness that i am feeling like, and the following story came into my mind: I was about 18 years old, when me and some of my friends decided to start the well paid wagon unloading. The rule was simple, they only paid when the whole wagon was unloaded. The product which had to be unloaded was very good quality artificial fertilizer, which had to be broken with a pickaxe before it could be shoveled. Six people started our wagon but 3 of us gave up and we managed to succeed in 26 hours. I got really tired. I slept more than 24 hours in a row. I feel the same now, but now I don’t have time to sleep that much, I have to pull myself together until morning. I will delete the comments beginning with softy online business builder ;-) That’s it for today, there are other photos and videos, but the internet connection is not the best. I will share them later.

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2. Day Roncesvalles – Larrasoana 29,9 km

First of all I would like to thank you all the encouragement you continuously give me, although this makes it harder for me: I can not give up. I haven’t even thought about  giving up, but my legs, waist and shoulders have.

Besides the encouragement you can support me the most with the increase of your personal point value :-) A quick announcement of competition: The person with the most personal PV in May will get my clam. If there is a demand for other Camino relics, I am waiting for the suggestionss, the qualification requirements will be decided later.

So Let’s see the second day.

The natural features of the road compared to the first day may seem an easy walk, but the it rained almost all day. The only problem with rain is that the soil became sloppy creating mud and pools. I think the light running shoe was a good decision, but not for today. By the middel of the day my sohes becames soaking wet, I had no chance to walk in dry weather, so managed to have the first two big blisters. Luckily not on my sole but on the two sides of my heel.

I got really tired, and I walked 1,5 km more, because I got lost in a little town.

I think the tiredness could be seen on me, because the pension I arrived to, the owner ask me if I could carry my backpack up to the first floor or may he help (And he didn’t ask this from the previous pelegrino).

In the next two hours I tried to pull myself together to have dinner, which was a little hard, but necessary becuase I only consumed the excellent products of DXN and two bananas all day.

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3. Day Larrasoana – Cizur Menor 20,7 km

This day started fantastic for two reasons. First I could get up, which despite my positive thinking I have to admit I didn’t see a chance. The second is that the receptionist when I checked asked for my business card to check on the internet what kind of coffee I am dealing with. Maybe the spanish market will soon be launched :D ?!

Today’s tour seemed easy from every aspect, on the first hand is little more than 20 km, on the other hand I can not complain about the character of the ground. I had to realise, that there is no optimal weather for walking. Today the sun shined beautifully, but this isn’t good also, because I am in a muck of a sweat.

Most of the tour today went through Pamplona, where you really had to pay attention, even though the road signs were good. I only thought about something else for a second and I realised that 3 pelegrinos came from the opposite direction telling me that the direction is wrong. Fortunately it costed only an extra 200 meters for me.

I will not write about what I see or saw, the pictures should speak instead of me.

I got to Cizur Minor Maribel albergue (pilgrim accomodation) in time, so this way I got a lower bed. It’s pity, that the distance between the upper and the lower bed is not suitable for sitting only for laying, but the garden with palm trees compensates me for everything. The upload speed here is th ebest so far. I am sorry in advance for my 30 roommates, they will have a hard night, because I’ve heard I snore really loud.

Don’t worry about the gasp on the video recorded on the first day, I just wanted to increase the dramatic effect, generally I can breathe.

People say that the first three days is the most difficult, I’ll see tomorrow.

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