4. Day Cizur Menor – Puente la Reina 20,4 km

Unfortunately today I didn’t realise when I entered a shop the GPS signal was lost, the problem was that it didn’t come back. 30 minutes later my telephone beeped, that would I like to continue without recording the GPS signal. I had to restart my phone (it is a lob, you don’t have to comment) so part was left out, the data is not accurate.

I woke up early in the morning. I was looking at the faces trying to get some feedback about my snoring, but everyone was busy to get ready, so I didn’t get to know anything.

The weather was really fine in the early morning and the route also was not so hard. Laci, the pebbly slope was really hard, but with this type of product support (DXN) it didn’t cause me any problem (sorry I had to say that).

The day was jazzed up by the beautiful villages I passed through. Slowly I will start to actually enjoy the walking and I will not only focus on putting down the pain mentally. The winner of the competion so far is my left shoulder, I have the biggest problem with that.

More and more people are on the way now, because a lot of people start the Camino from Pamplona.

The local pilgrim accomodation is glorious, for a small overcharge I have a separate room. It clearly show that I am getting used to it, that I don’t immediately collapse physically  after arriving only a littel later ;-).

Thank you for the comments, they  give me a lot of strength, it feels good that you think about me.

Special thanks to Balázs, who in the background rearranges the photos and videos and translates the hungarian text to english (and corrects the spelling mistakes in the hungaraian).

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5. Day Puente la Reina – Estella 24,8 km

Let the pictures talk instead of me today:

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6. Day Estella – Los Arcos 20,9 km

Today in terms of walking was optimal. Beautiful weather (until I reached the half of the course the sun didn’t shine), favourable character of the ground, short distance

On this sixth day wtihout any blisters (I only have 2 very big, on the two side, which doesn’t bother me at all and probably is because my shoes let in water) I would like to say big thanks and I am gratefull for Dr. Tálas Mária, who on the Mandala training (if only for this it would have been worthy to hold) told me the certain formula: every day before leaving I should put white vaseline on my feet.I am reporting that I have done it and it works. While suffer from the blisters I have no problem. I hope there would be a solution for my shoulders as well…

Leaving Estella the first sight is the famous wine well (you just open the tap and the red wine is flowing for free). There was a little crowd here, so I didn’t stand in line to take a photo, and wine is not my drink in these early hours (in late hours also).

A little later there was a unique situation, I could choose from two routes, I chose 2km less route. It was a little suspiciou, that everyone chose the other path (maybe they have read the guide book previously), but I didn’t regret it. In the next two hours I only met one person, and the path lead me through a beautiful forest. When this path rejoined the other, there team there asked me about the other route.

This was the first day, when after the route I was totally conscious. After taking a bath, I felt like walking in this beautiful, pleasant little town. I sat down in front of the church on the main square (which unfortunately was closed because of renovation) to write this blog post.

I just started writing when an asian guy asked me if I am a pilgrim as well. It turned out that he is from Korea and 50 years old. It is good for him that he can spend 40 days on Camino. I we spoke one hour. It is strange how small the world became. It is not a suprise to meet a korean IT engineer in the main square of a basque little town. He said he already met four of his fellow countryman in the past five days.

Later my scottish „friends” came, and seeing that I am writing on my Ipad, they showed that they also have one and inquired about the Wifi password. We started the same day with the scottish brothers. They are wearing scottish skirt and are always happy.

That’s it for today. I am beginning to enjoy Camino. I am not only dealing with defeating the distance and surviving, but also enjoying the effects and messages fot the route.

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